Let There Be Peace.


A year ago today, I drove up to an unfamiliar building and prayed in the empty parking lot.


I’m running after you. If this is where you want me, let it be so easy and comfortable. If it isn’t, let this be the most awkward interview I’ve ever had. Let there be so much peace if this is it, God. Thanks.

In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

A few hours later and I walked into the conference room that was filled with unfamiliar faces. When I say filled, I mean at least 14 people were there to be a part of the interview.

It should have been awkward. I had been a bundle of fear, nerves, and doubt all day.

I felt an unexplainable peace in that room surrounded by those strangers. I can’t tell you what questions they asked or how I answered, I even forgot who all was there, but I do know that when I got back in my car I said, “Okay God. This is it, right? I’m moving to Michigan. I really am done teaching. I am going to work at this church I didn’t know existed two months ago. Okay. Wow. I need a job offer now, God.”

Then I shed a few tears because healing was hard and being brave was exhausting.

I knew that interview was just the beginning of a whole bunch of opportunities to be brave.

Those strangers have become my sounding board, partners in pranks, foxhole friends, and my family. It has been a year of memes, laughter, tears (mostly mine), growth, new adventures, bucket lists, and so many awesome God moments.

A year ago, I parked in a parking lot that was unfamiliar. I pulled on a door and had no idea where it led or what was next.

Today, I am parking in the same parking lot and pulling on the same door. It is now very familiar.

It is now home.

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