You Missed Out


“Man, You missed out on a great service. “

This phrase is told to kid ministry workers most Sundays.

Phrases like that help burn out people with a heart for serving. People hate missing out.

Heck, I really hate missing out.

I get it. You are excited about what just happened in service. Revival is happening. Worship is powerful. Solid teaching is happening. YAY!

But I did not miss out on a great service.

I was serving in kids ministry. I was helping that great service happen. I watched kids rush to my room for hugs and time with their friends. I was a safe place for our kids to learn about Jesus, regulate their emotions, learn about living God’s way, and how to connect with their peers.

I was sweating from six minutes of nonstop jumping and dancing during worship. I wept, listening to them declare that Jesus is their firm foundation. I was listening for the sound of angels that seem to fill the room every time “Goodness of God” is sung out.

I watched their hearts break at the thought of people choosing to walk away from Jesus. I watched them choose to be brave and pray for someone out loud, even though it was new and scary.

They did not miss out. They were serving with kids ministry.

They were experiencing the joy of the Lord by watching 4-year-olds play and praise and worship. They were gaining crowns in heaven for playing, teaching, and helping potty train 2 and 3-year-olds. They got to see eyes light up for the first time at hearing how much Jesus loved them.

We got all the benefits. We experienced church by being the hands and feet of Jesus.

So instead of telling kid ministry workers, or anyone else who is serving on Sunday, that they missed out, share what was exciting and ask them what their favorite part of service was that day.

Sunday is going to be great!


  1. Tim Park on February 11, 2023 at 12:19 PM

    Spot on, I worked with tweeners to high schoolers for half my old life and never felt like I missed out! It was a blessing to be with the students and preparing for lessons …. I learned way more than sitting in a pew! God has blessed me thru the years with a bunch of students that turned into my kids. Most have them are having thier own kids now . What a joy to watch them teach thier kids about Jesus !

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