It’s the most wonderful time of the year.


This is a piece of fence that our kids brought Denice during recess.

An. Actual. Piece. Of. Fence.

If that doesn’t sum up the crazy of Halloween-New Year Time frame I don’t know what could…but here is a collection of questions and comments from the past few weeks.

Walking in for breakfast

Student 1: Why is it so cold? I’m a popsicle! 🥶 *walks in without bending knees just waddling side to side.
Me: The temperature changed. I’m glad you’re here!

Student 2: You aren’t going to believe my weekend.
Student 3: Why is my lip cold.
Me: You had family come! And you have milk on your lip.
Student 2: HOW DID YOU KNOW?!
Student 3: WHO PUT IT THERE?!
Me: I have connections. You were just drinking milk. Why are we all so loud so early?!
Them: 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

Student 4: Ms. HARvey. Did you know that if you do this 😑 you can see your eyelashes?!
Me: I did.
Student 4: REALLY?! Wow. You are smart.

During a phonics snowball fight:

Student 1: I AM DESTROYER.
Student 2: VIIIIIICCCCCTTTTOOOORRRYY Student 3: ZZZZZZEEERKS *sound effects for the paper balls.

Durning math while counting money: Me: we are at 90 pennies and have a group of ten so we can count by ten to get to…
Class: 100!
Student 1: WE ARE RICH.
Student 2: No. It’s a dollar.
Student 1: Really? Disappointing. 😐

During a Gonoodle:

Song: gonna kick it likes it’s 1965
Student 1: That’s not how they dance in 1960.
Me: What? How would you know?
Student 1: No way they had that much fun back then.
Me: 😂😂

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