Branches. Roots. End of a Decade.


I feel like “decade” sounds a lot longer than just ten years.

A decade feels a lot more like this giant tree. It’s massive.

It’s a Banyan tree which means it’s all just one tree. Kinda like you and me and all our experiences over the past ten years.

So to honor all the roots and branches that have grown from the past ten years in my life here are 19 takeaways from this decade…

  1. Sunscreen. Wear it. Sunburn isn’t a look good for anyone.
  2. Your village will change. It will grow and shrink through the years. Make sure you fill it with people who challenge you, cheer for you, correct you, love you, embrace you, and make you laugh. Then do the same for them as often as possible.
  3. People come and go. Learn from them while you have them and let them know how they impact you while you can.
  4. Find people who are passionate and learn everything you can from them. Learned helplessness helps no one in the long run. #needmoreBeths #thankfulshetaughtmehowtofish
  5. Care more about people than your pride. It will suck. Do it anyway.
  6. Call people. Tone and intention never comes across in text messages.
  7. Find joy everyday. Even on the sucky days. Especially those days.
  8. Never under estimate the power of a boomerang or laughter.
  9. Knowing how to read a room and communicate with people will take you further than a degree or experience. #thankstheaterandspeech
  10. You don’t need the shoes. Really. Save for a vacation instead.
  11. Fear is only useful if you want to limit your experiences. Jump out of the plane. Eat the food. Share Jesus. Buy the dragon. Road trip through a blizzard. #don’tdothatone #stressfulforeveryone
  12. Spend your time watching or doing things that will grow your mind, faith, or wallet.
  13. Go explore often. Find people who will climb mountains, explore caves, and chase waterfalls…then have a brother marry them so you get a bunch of awesome sister in laws to go on awesome adventures with. #workingonit
  14. Be kind and genuine. A smile and a hello are always free.
  15. Find time to be silly. Life is hard and complicated for us all.
  16. Share your burdens. You were not created to do life alone. Your people are there for the hard stuff. The midnight tears, the hard choices, the whys and wonderings, all of it. You aren’t helping them when you shut them out. Don’t steal their chance to love you or be the hands and feet of Jesus.
  17. Take time to learn how to grow something. You may end up with a giant tree in Legoland one day.
  18. Fall in love a lot. Fall in love with yourself, sunsets, mountain ranges, animals, your family, and your person often.
  19. Keep learning. Don’t get to a place where you think you know it all. There is always someone with a different perspective or experience.

Happy New Year Friends!

What are your branches and roots from this decade?

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