Our Epic Adventure


Teaching before any break is always very interesting. Winter break might just be the craziest time of all though.

Here is a snapshot of our days…

Denice during dismissal:

*Do you hear that?we both start listening to her class as they break into spot Christmas caroling*
Denice: what are they doing?!
Me: Mutiny probably.

Epic Adventure:

Me: We are going on an epic adventure.
Class: WHAT?! For real!? where?! How?!
Me: …in our imagination!
Student 1: Awww bummer. Can we go for real?!
Me: Nope. I don’t have millions of dollars to fly you guys around the world. But I do have a limitless imagination. Put your imagination caps on and break out the sunscreen kids! While you are packing, we need to fix our airplane.
Student: we are going on an airplane?!😳😃
Me: In the room! Yes.
Student: 😒

I put the desks in rows to make the “airplane” and YouTube a plane taking off.

Student 2: Can we keep it like this forever?! Please!!
*Pulls chair to the front*
Student 1: are you coming?!
Me: I’m flying! I don’t trust any of you to fly the plane.
Student 1: Good call.
Me: welcome aboard! Thank you for choosing US Air Harvey. Please fasten your seatbelts because we are about to encounter some turbulence.
Student 2: is that the snacks?! 😋
Student 3: I have to use the bathroom!
Me: Seatbelt sign is on. Turbulence mean it’s bouncy!
Class: making the uuuhhghghugh sounds while bouncing and wiggling. 😃😀😄😂🤣🤪😰🤭 student from the back I think I’m going to be sick!
Student 1: Are we going to Antarctica today?! Or China?! Or Japan?! Or Russia?! Or Ohio?!
Me: Ohio isn’t another country. It’s still America. We are leaving America today.
Me: Still America. No.

The Little Booger

Me: okay. Write your name, number, and the date. *Writes mine.
Student: Uh. Ms. Harvey? Why did you put 2014?
Me: Apparently I want to go back in time to when I had time to sleep.
*Kid sneezes and a booger connects to his shirt.*
Me: Go. Fix it. I don’t do boogers. Wash your hands and your shirt and then your hands again.
Student 2: what if it was your booger?
Me: Nope. Not having a in-depth conversation about boogers today.
Student 3: *very serious* we broke the plane. Will we make it back to America?!
Me: Probably not.
Student 3: 😱

Happy winter break teacher friends.

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